Progressive Alliance UK

Never has their been a time when the future of our country has felt so uncertain. When our rights, communities and our collective future have been so at risk.

A progressive alliance of people, from all parties and none, need to forge a vision of what our post-'Brexit' relationship with the EU and the rest of the world looks like. Ensuring we can look forward to a positive, progressive future...

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Take Action!

Petition for a Progressive Alliance in Richmond

Give Progressive politics a fighting chance in the Richmond Park by-election.
We urge Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party to put tribal politics aside and work together to field a single candidate who is against Heathrow expansion, but also against a hard-Brexit and against the divisive rhetoric coming from this Conservative government.

Write to your MP

Writing to your MP is a good way to raise awareness of your concerns with them, and may be especially important & effective if you live in the constituency of a party leader, or senior member within a party.

Write to a member of the House of Lords

The House of Lords is not directly elected, so you do not have a specific member to represent you, but you can still write to any member of the Lords to make your view known.